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In need of a brand refresh, Pinnacle Wealth Solutions, a premier Raymond James financial planning and wealth management firm based in Midlothian, Virginia, partnered with Muse to develop a new brand identity that better reflects their success as one the top financial planning firms in the nation. Located outside Richmond, Virginia, the firm’s goal was to balance the seriousness of financial stewardship with a contemporary but classical brand identity that aligned with the region’s rich history. 


Utilizing Muse’s Paradigm brand and culture assessment, Muse collaborated with Pinnacle Wealth Solutions to uncover the firm’s unique archetypal makeup which served as the foundation of the project. Inspired by regional history and greatly influenced by the traits of Williamsburg (VA), an enhanced corporate logo was developed using distinctive geo-targeted typography and color tones.  The foundation of the logo rests on colonial script and the use of dark red that is vivid in the area’s brick-based building structures.  The design components also honor Pinnacle’s unique office building architecture and that of the historic Midlothian area, all-the-while integrating an energetical and youthful appearance.  Muse also created a brand tagline, “Live your Tomorrow.” which directly reflects the firm’s mission to empower clients and families to live today to the fullest while helping them to achieve their dreams of tomorrow. In addition to the logo and tagline, the broad rebrand initiative included a development of a comprehensive new website, production of a full marketing communication suite, rebranding of social media outlets and integrated, multi-channel rebrand launch. 

Solutions Provided:

  • Paradigm Brand and Culture Assessment and Mapping
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Marketing and Communications Development
  • Corporate Statements (Mission and Vision)
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Site Management and Development
  • Promotional Merchandise Strategy and Fulfillment
  • Business Development
  • Strategy and Development



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