New business book provides framework for identifying and solving organizational problems to create successful leaders who build winning, results-oriented teams.

7-T Success System, author Casey Kostecka’s new professional development book, is a must-read guide for any role ranging from supervisors to CEOs and drives collective change management when leveraged by entire organizations. The book is designed as a starting point for success in leadership and as a guide for those who have the desire and drive to become a leader who inspires others to work toward a common goal. Within this comprehensive 7-T framework, readers will learn to identify the correct business priorities and are provided a roadmap for success. 7-T Success System also helps readers identify what comprises great leadership and how to achieve and leverage it to drive accomplishment and build high-performing teams.

“Leaders aren’t born. They are made and every successful organization needs them. Whether your organization is a Fortune 500 company or a fledgling startup, good leadership is the cornerstone of success,” stated Casey Kostecka. The 7-T Success SystemTM is for anyone with the drive and desire to become a leader who inspires others. It’s a proven system for getting impressive results and helping leaders build high-performing teams.”

Kostecka’s book teaches readers how to boost goal-setting and management skills and act with renewed confidence in their roles. By using this comprehensive framework, the reader learns to identify focal points, strategies and tactics. They are also able to transcend budget limitations, devise innovative solutions to operational challenges, and excel in energizing their teams, even during market and structural changes.

Adopted by companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, the 7-T Success SystemTM works consistently in diverse settings. The author has leveraged its principles to achieve success as a CEO, business consultant, and Little League coach. While the teams he led differed in function and size, all used the 7-T components to achieve unprecedented success.

7-T Success System was published September 2020 and is now available in paperback and e-book format at, Amazon, or anywhere books are sold online. To request a review copy, contact Margaret Daisley (917-847-7445 or The author is also available for interviews.

What others say about The 7-T Success System:

“The 7-T Success System is at the top of my list for best leadership principles. Casey’s book is an easy read and is useful for leaders with various degrees of experience. Thank you for bringing this amazing leadership guide to life in your new book!”  Angela Blevins, SVP Customer Care, Bluegreen Vacations

“Most [lessons] come from modeling other people or their techniques. Casey’s 7-T Success SystemTM provides an excellent model to build winning, results-oriented teams. Great concepts [and] relatable experiences make it simple for the reader to apply the System to their organization. Interesting, quick and insightful read!”  Greg Salvato, TouchPoint One

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Casey for over a decade and he has shared his 7-T Success SystemTM at Hire Dynamics’ Contact Center Executive Forum to great reviews. This book is an easy-to-read field guide for leadership regardless of where you are in your career. The book is filled with entertaining stories that are quite relatable. I recommend it strongly.”  Dan E. Campbell, Partner, MSouth Equity Partners

About Casey Kostecka  Author Casey Kostecka is an award-winning thought leader in sales, customer experience management and contact center operations specializing in developing high-performance teams that expand the geographical reach and market share of their companies. As a global sales and operations leader with three decades of success in brand development and business transformation, he has led $500M+ organizations to record-breaking growth and profitability in the healthcare, government, BPO/outsourcing, and travel/hospitality industries. His extensive industry experience in product marketing, strategic planning, brand development, and robotic process automation has led him to develop wholly unique, highly useful tools for top-level executives.

Margaret Daisley, Blue Horizon Books

Book Title: 7-T Success System
Published: September 2020
Price: $19.99 paperback; $6.99 e-book
Pages: 130
ISBN: 978-1-7352000-0-2 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-7352000-1-9 (e-book)
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