Archetypal Brand Discovery

Archetypal Brand Discovery

The power of
great storytelling.

Inspiring a Unique and Authentic Brand Story

It’s a simple concept – human nature is enamored by compelling stories that have emotionally charged characters that connect in a personal and intimate manner. Whether told by Shakespeare or Poe, Whitman or Hemmingway, we’ve all been introduced to memorable characters with varying and unique traits that have captured our imaginations and inspired an emotional response. Throughout history, the same can be said about companies as they take on the very same qualities and incite the very same emotions of literature’s most memorable characters.

Archetypal branding, the foundation of Paradigm, Muse’s proprietary brand assessment tool, was developed on this very principle. Based on Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s theory that humans have a basic tendency to use symbolism to understand concepts, there are 12 archetypes that represent traditional characters found in books and film. Each own a unique set of characteristics, values, attitudes and behaviors that are instantly familiar to us because they are primal, instinctive and part of a “collective unconsciousness.” They cover the full spectrum of personas, from those that make us feel secure and loved to those that excite us. They range from the “Innocent” to the wise and experienced “Sage” and from the “Hero” to the “Rebel.” As a result of their personal appeal, marketing and advertising companies have found that any brand can relate to these 12 iconic models and more effectively establish brand differentiation and establish powerful emotional connections with its audience.

Identifying those archetypes that symbolize your firm is critical to aligning your client promise with your brand values, understanding your market positioning and saving time and money connecting with your audience. More importantly, understanding your brand archetype(s) will promote greater customer loyalty and enable your brand to stand out genuinely in a muddled marketplace. From a tactical perspective, your archetypal DNA will serve as a powerful influence in crafting the appropriate messaging and communications to your customers and providing a consistent and clear internal and external voice, leading to better customer expectations and experiences.

Our unique proprietary archetype discovery approach incorporates a blend of arts and science principles to ensure you brand is consistent, authentic and powerfully resonates with your employees, clients and prospects.

An Archetypal Brand Cultural Assessment

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